Nancy C. diBenedetto

Nancy C. diBenedetto 


San Diego, CA 92103 








Nancy C. diBenedetto is a multimedia installation artist whose colorful life imbues the artwork she creates. She earned her Master of Fine Arts degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA, and her Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts at California State University San Marcos. Since then, her work has been continuously showcased by numerous galleries and curators throughout the United States, and is slated for feature in international exhibitions. Her background as an art educator, and combat photographer in the U.S. Navy Reserve, allows her to create intimate work that connects viewers to insightful visual narratives with phenomenological perspective. She has also been selected to train other military and civilian photographers across the country in basic photojournalism, multimedia and documentary techniques. These experiences led her to become a multimedia documentary installation artist.  Her most recent work highlights the emotional intersubjectivity between mother and daughter. Her current practice involves documentary work through multimedia installation that incorporates medical research on rare diseases and the challenges families face. She resides with her daughter in San Diego, CA, and currently teaches in the School of Art at Cal State University San Marcos and the Art Institute in San Diego, CA.




MASSACHUSETTS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN                                                                                      Boston, MA

Masters in Fine Arts, Studio Arts, August 2017


CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SAN MARCOS                                                                                      San Marcos, CA

BA Visual and Performing Arts, May 2011




2013- Present 

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SAN MARCOS                                                                                     San Marcos, CA 

Digital Photography

Digital Sketchbook


2016- Present 

ART INSTITUTION OF SAN DIEGO                                                                                                              San Diego, CA

Advanced Lighting 

History of Photography


2008- Present  

US NAVY DOCUMENATRY INSTRUCTOR                                                                                                       International 

Multimedia Photojournalist Documentary

Intro Digital Photography

Intro Adobe Creative Suite, Lightroom and Photoshop

Intro Video/Digital Media

Story Telling/ Documentary


 2011 Graduate TA, Advance Computer Arts   



2010 Teachers Assistant, Digital Photo Doc                                                                                                San Marcos, CA

​CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SAN MARCOS                                                                                     San Marcos, CA




Adjunct Professor, Visual Arts and Tech                                                                                                      San Marcos, CA 


Adjunct Professor, Photography Professor                                                                                                  San Diego,  CA

2004- Present 

Combat Photographer, Mass Communication Specialist                                                                    United States Navy 


Intro Photography/Multimedia Instructor                                                                                             United States Navy




2018 New Work Juried Exhibition Emerging Artist 

2018 Junior Sailor of the Year US Navy Training Officer 

2017 Digital Photo Archive School of Art Diveristy Grant Califonia State San Marcos

2017 Inauguration Honorable Mentioned Reserve Photographer (published)      

2017 Junior Sailor of the Quarter US Navy- Instructor

2017 Humanitarian Multimedia Documentary US Navy          

2016 Junior Sailor of the Year US Navy  (Documentary)

2015 Eddie Adams Finalist Workshop          

2013 Finalist, Best of Photography, Forum Magazine          

2012 Selectee for Art of Photography Show        

2011 First Place Winner, Funes Digital Arts Competition       

2011 Finalist, Best of College Photography Forum Magazine     

2011 First Place Winner, Dia de la Mujer Juried Exhibition 

2010 Honorable Mention, Funes Digital Arts Competition    

2009 Honorable Mention, Califonia State San Marco Veterans Exhibition     

2006 Honorable Mention DINFOS Competition     

2006 Selected for DINFOS Workshop     




2018 New Work Civic Gallery- Juried Don Bartellti                                                                                     San Diego, CA 

2017 Franco Moragrega Gallery All Womans Exhibition                                                                        Ensenada, Mexico

2017 Lyceum- Group Exhibition                                                                                                                   Manchester, NH

2017 Franco Moragrega- SDSU Alumni Exhibition                                                                                      San Diego, CA

2017 Fenway Gallery_ MFA Thesis                                                                                                                      Boston, MA

2016 Massachusetts Design Media Center- Winter Exhibition                                                                         Boston, MA

2015 Massachusetts Design Media Center- Summer Exhibition                                                                      Boston, MA

2011 Dia de la Mujer, SDSU's 9th Annual Cesar Chavez                                                                              San Diego, CA

2011 Dia De la Mujer, The Front Gallery                                                                                                        San Diego, CA

2009 Street Scene Gallery, Mardi Gras                                                                                                       New Orleans, LA

2009 Veterans Memorial Exhibition, Grand Salon, Clarke                                                                          San Marcos, CA

2009 Funes Competition Permanent Collection                                                                                         San Marcos, CA




2017 Process of Art Class- Lecture Graduate School 

2017 Mutlimedia Artist Photography Installation  Lecture

2016 Process of Art Class- Lecture Artist Panel

2017 Multimedia, Young Photographers US Navy

2016 Story Telling Reserve Workshop

2016 Documentary Amongst Woman in Service

2015 Photography Story Telling


- Paper Making

  • Pronto plates lithography press

  • Film black and white photography

  • Digital photography 

  • Video

  • Multimedia and visual installation






Proficient in MAC. Adobe PhotoShop CS5, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom - RAW, Jpeg, Fetch and FTP applications, Dropbox

- Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Indesign, Dreamweaver,

- Social Media Networking knowledge, Facebook, Twitter, Word press, Linked, live books